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How to Make a Website

This page offers advice for beginners on how to make a website in minutes using free site builders and low cost hosting. Create your own website easily, quickly and cheaply by following our guide.

Free vs Premium WordPress Themes

Are you debating free vs premium WordPress themes for your new website design or as you plan an upgrade?     If you are a hobby blogger or new / small business owner, then one of the free themes, such as the default Twenty Seventeen theme, can help you get up and running with something fairly nice at […]

Google Maps Business View Virtual Tours

You can now let customers explore your business online using the fun, interactive technology of Google Maps Business View virtual tours. The small, network of approved Google Trusted Photographers use specialist cameras and techniques to take photos of your business and work with Google to create a virtual tour similar to that what you may […]

Should Links Open in New Tabs or Windows?

When linking to other web pages, many site owners ask themselves the question should links open in new tabs or windows? From a user experience point of view, 99% of the time links should open in the same window. The reason is that new tabs / windows can annoy the visitor as you are changing their […]

Great School Websites with SchoolJotter.com

It’s not just enough for your school to have a website. You need to have a well-designed, easy to use and informative website. School Jotter is a school website builder that was developed to provide a user-friendly platform for schools to set up and manage a great website with little effort.

How to Use Categories and Tags in WordPress for SEO & UX

There is often confusion around when and how to use categories and tags in WordPress and other website CMS for the best SEO and UX results. They are frequently used interchangeably and in an overlapping manner. Used well, Categories and Tags can enhance user experience by: guiding them to related content of interest generating additional […]