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These days, when parents start their search for a school for their children, it’s very likely that the first place they look is the Internet. If your school doesn’t have a website, or your school site looks like it was designed in the nineties, you are losing potential pupils.

It’s not just enough for your school to have a website. You need to have a well-designed, easy to use and informative website.

School Jotter is a school website builder that was developed to provide a user-friendly platform for schools to set up and manage a great website with little effort.

The platform is more than just a website builder though. Your site can be extended with an elearning app, blogging tool, eportfolio system, online rewards and more.

Let’s have a look at what the School Jotter website builder can do for your school.

User-Friendly Site Builder

The School Jotter Site app makes it easy and quick for anyone, even the least tech-savvy teachers, to add pages to your site or perform content edits. Features and benefits of the Site app include:

  • Study site performance: The built-in statistics modules gives a quick overview of site visitors and page clicks.
  • Easier to meet Ofsted requirements: The site builder allows for quick and easy updates to your site’s content and menus.
  • Save time and reduce paperwork: Using the newsletter and calendar functionality you can keep parents up to date without having to print and mail 1000s of letters.
  • Translate your site to any language: The platform includes translation functionality
  • Better design:Website design is easily customisable so you can adapt your site’s design to your school’s house style.

Built-in Learn App

Add learning pages to your website that enhance students’ study experience. You can set up pages with lesson plans and homework assignments that include quizzes, videos and collaborative wikis.

Blogging Made Easy

Blogging has become a popular learning tool that can help motivate even the most reluctant writers. School Jotter’s Blog app allows students to post blog posts on your site that other students can interact with. They can also work together on blogs about specific topics. With the built-in bad word filter you don’t need to worry about inappropriate use of the blog.

Reward Your Students

The School Merits app helps motivate students by rewarding them for achieving certain targets. Each student has an avatar on the website. When a goal is reached they will receive credits that can be used to “buy” new clothes or accessories for their avatar. You can also create a report of a student‘s performance that can be shared with their parents.

Simple online surveys

Using the School Jotter survey tool, creating and processing school surveys is easier than it’s ever been. Use the survey tool to create surveys for parents, students or staff members. No longer do you have to print out surveys, mail and recollect them. Just email out a link and wait until the surveys start coming in. The system can also count votes and responses automatically, saving you precious time.


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